Dardan Zhegrova

Where we meet sometimes at night,
bright bright, long talk in white.


How you enjoy a lot of moments
never bored - you said you like
when you are numb, all in one line
sitting proud on the ground.
How you touch your back
pulling the shirt up
your skin is soft, inviting to touch.
You look like you know
how to treat a body.
Nothing seems more entertaining
than just being around you
and everything is more important
when it has the touch of you.
People said to not get
big ideas, they might not happen
but I'm at the place now
its all about that
big wishes, huge hopes
to just be close.
How to save all of this
not like memory but as a place
where we meet sometimes at night
bright bright
long talk in white.

Supported by ERSTE Foundation, Municipality of Prishtina and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo.