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Gallery exhibitions
feel more, 2023
Nothing like home II, 2022
Ambient, 2022
Happy Holidays, 2021
Nothing like home, 2021

Blerta Hashani’s (*1997, Ferizaj, lives and works in Ferizaj/Kosovo) paintings are informed by classical landscape painting, but what they show are private views of the nature surrounding the artist’s home in the countryside. These small-scale works — paintings attached to jute — are experimental, minimalistic sketches based on a few brushstrokes, a sketched line or a layering of translucent paint. Modulated from basic elements, fundamental aspects of landscape become visible: volumes and contours, atmospheres, degrees of luminosity, of lightness, and solidity. Horizon lines turn into coordinates that provide orientation and yet leave much to imagination.

"Au hasard Balthazar"
Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille

"It's Not the Heat, It's the Dust"
GROVE, London