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Gallery exhibitions
out of tune II, 2020
out of tune, 2020
One step behind you, 2018
there’s hell in hello but more in goodbye, 2016

Tatjana Danneberg’s (*1991, Vienna, lives and works in Warsaw and Vienna) practice is eventful. It unravels accidentally and it is determined by media and techniques layered upon each other. The starting point is a candid low-fi photography approach, by using cheap automatic cameras, Danneberg extends casual memories of the everyday depicting friends, acquaintances or her partner, in familiar often intimate shots. These shots purposefully reveal moments where action or the lack of it manifests. The protagonists, which identity is often difficult to recognize, are dismissing or defeating reality.The artist is preoccupied with the nature of images and the possibilities that can unfold through their manipulation and deconstruction; a painterly attitude emerges defined by a deepen material and processual experimentation. How can we paint with images? Released through specific body movements, brushstrokes fragment the photographic image gesturally turning it into an expressive painting. The image liquifies, becoming malleable, recomposed by the body, its strength, its intuitive motions on canvas. The artist’s body becomes a decoding tool, transforming photography into painting. Historically in conflict, the representational media of photography and painting unravel their antagonism within Danneberg’s work.

"Wait a minute"
Kunstverein Salzburg, Salzburg