Film Program curated by

Girls Like Us magazine


with films/videos by Geo Wyeth, Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide), Shana Moulton & Lucy Stein, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Leidy Churchman, Dynasty Handbag, K8 Hardy and Lizzie Borden.

In preparation for their talk at the Redo conference, Girls Like Us magazine presents a queer / feminist film programme, screening movies from people featured in the magazine over the past years. Aiming to have roughly have one artist from each issue, topics run parallel to the magazine’s theme (GENERATIONS, WORK, PLAY, SECRETS, BODY, FAMILY & FUTURE) and cover queer sexuality, identity politics, feminist body-love, neurotic self-analysis, hi- lesbian fashion, the artist at play and just plain outrage.

Friday 22.09. Geo Wyeth: Quartered (2013), Automatic Teller Machine (2014),
The Differences Between Europe and the United States Ending With a Song off my Upcoming Album (2015), The Extreme Holy Transference of Tennis Player 1.0 (2016)

Saturday 23.09.
Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide): Brussels (2016)

Thursday 28.09.
Shana Moulton & Lucy Stein: Polventon (2013)

Friday 29.09.
Sidsel Meineche Hansen: No right way 2 cum (2015)

Saturday 30.09.
Born in Flames (directed by Lizzie Borden), 1983

Thursday 05.10.
Leidy Churchman: Painting Treatments no.2 and no.3 (2010)

Friday 06.10.
Dynasty Handbag: Vat Do You Vahnt For Bwekfas?, D-Bag Makeup Tutorial for Life Under Facism (2016), Remote Penetration / Stain of History, Interspercial Dressing Room Videos (2014),
The Quiet Storm

Saturday 07.10.
K8 Hardy: Outfitumentary (2016)