Nadja Athanassowa & Flaka Haliti

switching protocols


Nadja Athanassowa & Flaka Haliti<br><br>switching protocols Exhibition view, switching protocols, Nadja Athanassowa “Untitled”, 2015

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Some Thought: First, information is created in the mind of the sender.
Where are the gaps in communication? To communicate in a metaphorical manner rather than a factual sounds almost romantic. How does labor create value? Each object has its purpose providing a certain service. Once the service has terminated, the object enters a stage of redundancy. It can either be let gone or assigned a new job. Values are adapting to the shifts in communication. Locomotion is of paramount importance.

Encoding: Next, a message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols.
The information leaves the personal sphere and becomes a subject to change. Has the constellation changed? The context has yet to be determined.

Decoding: the receiver translates the words or symbols into a concept or information that is comprehensible.
What will happen to the objects? Is it possible for them to remain in its original state or will something new within their current context be created? Have the values changed? There must be a gap of some sort somewhere along the way.

Photocredit Dren Maliqi
Supported by ERSTE Foundation and Austrian Embassy Kosovo