Tatjana Danneberg
Soshiro Matsubara

there’s hell in hello
but more in goodbye


LambdaLambdaLambda at
Galeria Dawid Radziszewski, Warsaw

Tatjana Danneberg<br>Soshiro Matsubara<br><br>there’s hell in hello<br>but more in goodbye Exhibition view, there’s hell in hello, but more in goodbye, Tatjana Danneberg and Soshiro Matsubara

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a little dress
spending your eternal heaven
doing good upon the earth

i ask

pick a bloom from the gardens of paradise

and send it down to me
as a message of your gentle love
oh little flower dress
powerful and obtaining
every need of body and spirit
from the heart of god
grant the favour and i’ll place with confidence in your hands

i beseech you
send me your majestic reign of roses
so that i might share your grace

bless me with blooms of lily
blooms of violet
blooms of buttercup
blooms of lilac
blooms of jasmine
blooms of hyacinth
blooms of honeysuckle
blooms of magnolia
blooms of gardenia
blooms of tuberose

let fall from heaven please the shower of flowers
let me be anointed with the sponger of their perfumed essence
so that i may see the face of god and all people and all experiences

oh my glorious sisters dress
prodigy of miracles
your petals unfurled
implore your miraculous intercession

whisper to me
help me to always trust as you did
in god our father’s great love for me
so that in your fragrant path
i might immitate your venerable little way
and walk heroically
holding the blossom of grace with me each day


by Chloë Sevigny

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Photocredit Robert Glowacki
Exhibition is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw