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The anchor of my own landscape


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Red and blue squares

This time I stayed away,
couldn't risk falling
I knew i couldn't handle
you being away.
Ideal scenario it doesn't happen
just the day when I was throwing up in front of the hotel
you cared for me and asked if Im fine.
Today in the breakfast
I thanked you for that
I blushed with a plate of cereals and milk.
How to reach you but not lose
another memory of a beautiful body
brings up the lust and a crack
chest pain
I think of the day I will leave.

So now we travel to your hometown,
than I wont see you and just let go
all this wish translates in lines
straight lines like autobahns.
I came and sat near you,
I could smell your day and T-shirt, we had some talks and laughs too, your phone kept falling at my feet. Have a candy I said and than (music)...
come on here dear boy have a cigar, you're gonna go far
you're gonna fly high
you never gonna die
you'll gonna make it if you try
they gonna love you.
Now I remembered this song from Pink Floyd.
I could hear what you were listening eyes closed.
Heavy metal lover.

Maybe sometime in the future
you'll appear on my sleep
I'll wake up and feel the pain
I never had something deep
with you those days that are a stain.
Tired of asking the bottle why
white lies it tells me mixed with sprite
headaches are tight
nights in loop
butterflies and hoolahoop.

How the wind would blow your hair this morning
how maybe you would laugh
your jacket would give me warmth
and than silent for a moment.

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