Hana Miletić



Hana Miletić<br><br>XX Exhibition view, Hana Miletić, XX

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Hana Miletić’s two-fold project features new hand-woven textile works from her on-going series Materials which are based on repairs that she photographs in public space. 1. In Basel, for Statements, Miletić shows works based on repairs from Prishtina. 2. In Prishtina, in a parallel exhibition in the gallery, in the artist’s region of birth, Miletić shows works based on repairs from Basel. The reference photographs of all the repairs (‘cartoons’) are accessible through the website www.lambdalambdalambda.org/XX, along with the possibility to visit the exhibition in Prishtina via video-call, and vice versa, to visit the Statements project virtually from the gallery in Prishtina.

While the Materials on view are locally grounded in two cities through their reference images, they are bound to Kosovo for their use of materials: Miletić wove these works with organic raw wool from Kosovo as the structuring warp. By modeling her woven textiles on repairs which trace both marks of transformation and gestures of care, Miletić grapples in a dedicated way with the consequences of political and economic changes. By linking Basel with Prishtina, and back, Miletić’ Statements project brings to the fore the timely policies of travel and movement of goods, while acknowledging the ongoing exchange of ideas and stories across borders - stories of migrating connections that textiles have and continue to carry.

Photocredit GRAYSC, installaion views Nathalie Badr.